Quality Wire Harness

Qualtronics is an ISO-certified provider of contract manufacturing, design and prototyping of custom wire harnesses and control panels for specialized vehicles or standalone power units.

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A Better Connection with Qualtronics

Wire harness or control panel failures are bad for your customers, bad for your brand and bad for business. Qualtronics has kept specialty vehicles and power units operating in severe environments since 1996. It’s time to let your products perform without anything in their way.

Fed Up With Poor Quality? Us Too.

Your product doesn’t hang its hat on the quality or reliability of electrical components working in the background. But when poorly built, they become villains who steal the show. If they fail, the whole thing fails. Whether it’s missed pins, bad crimps, corroded wires or terminals, electrical component quality issues hold you back.

Get Connected,
Stay Connected 

Your equipment takes a beating from heat, cold, moisture, dirt, intense vibration and more. Badly built wiring harnesses won’t stand up to such rough service. Put a stop to harness-related warranty claims, reduce downtime and stay operating for the long haul. Consult with our engineers to create a custom wire harness or control panel so reliable, you’ll forget it’s there. 

Qualtronics wire

Making Connections

Wiring harnesses are increasingly complex, so it’s no longer viable for heavy-duty and specialty vehicle manufacturers to assemble them in-house. Instead, let Qualtronics take this headache off your plate so you can take back precious time and energy. 

Consult With Us

Ask questions or share drawings and ideas with experienced engineers who’ve been there and done that.

Design & Prototyping

When you’re developing new equipment models, our engineers can help you draw up designs and build wiring harness prototypes.

Quality, Always

Poor quality breeds costly failures. We will never tolerate anything less than exceptional workmanship.

A Partner, Not a Vendor

Your product’s performance is too critical for us to do the bare minimum. When you call, we answer. We’re in this together.

Work For Qualtronics

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Our Culture Cares

A job doesn’t need to be a drag. It’s no coincidence that by providing a positive, supportive and human environment, our employees do exceptional work. 

Qulatronics talented team

This Team is Talented 

We’ve created a work environment that challenges and rewards employees who are at the top of their game. When you join us, you’re joining the best in the business. 

Wire harness difference makers

Be a Difference-Maker

From day one at Qualtronics, you’ll see that a job well-done makes a real, meaningful impact in our customers’ lives. That’s why they keep coming back. And it’s why we keep growing.